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The School Rebuilding Project in Nepal

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Name: Shree Tripura Sundari Lower Secondary School

Location: Rampa, Dolakha District

The school was completely destroyed by the massive earthquake that struck central Nepal on April 25 and May 12, 2015 in Dolakha district.

Earthquake overview:

Dolakha, one of the districts worst affected by the 25 April earthquake; was struck again by the 7.3 earthquake on 12 May, with the epicenter located in Dolakha district (USGS 12/05/2015). The earthquake was followed by several aftershocks; the largest one with a magnitude of 6.3 (12/05/2015). 163 people have been reported dead and 304 people injured since 25 April (MoHA).  About 48880 houses are completely destroyed and 3120 houses are partial damaged.  The earthquake completely razed down 366 school buildings.


Students enrolled at more than 300 schools in Dolakha district are forced to attend classes at temporary education centers due to the delay in post-quake reconstruction of the damaged school buildings. It has been 19 months since the massive 7.8 Richter scale Earthquake shook half of Nepal last year despite which 343 schools out of a total of 366 schools are forced to run classes in temporary centers. As per official record the buildings of only 23 schools have been reconstructed till date.

This school rebuilding project is a small attempt aims with a view to bring it back to operation as soon as possible. We hope at least the children lives will come back to normal and they can attend their classes as normally as before. 

Current Status of Shree Tripura Sundari School and Level of Destruction (In Details):

~ 2 Buildings completely destroyed (1 Building housed 9 rooms & 3 rooms in Building 2)

~ Have built temporary 9 make shifts classrooms using bamboos and tarpaulin and 4 tents has been donated

~ Meantime 8 classrooms structure are under construction and being made by The Pahar Trust where 80% is borne by this respective trust and 20% must be borne by the school

Main Objectives:

  • Reconstruct the badly damaged building

  • Office and Administration Space

  • Library

  • Computer Lab

  • Store Room

  • Provide replacement for damaged furniture and some additional library supplies

  • Provide basic Sanitation facilities

  • Provide teaching materials and computer facilities

  • To restore the studying environment of the students in strong building

Funds received:

Classroom structure construction is on process and funded by The Pahar Trust Nepal

Expense Reduction Analyst, Munich: Euro 1350

Roman & Elisabeth Semmelbauer: Euro 1000

Tom Schmottlach: USD 1000

Mishus: Rs 50,000

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