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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

MISSION: DSA mission is to support and take care of children with a range of disabilities, generate public awareness about their needs and rights, and work to remove existing social barriers that are discriminatory and prejudicial to their living a productive and dignified life. We hope to inculcate in them self-belief and 'We Can' attitude.

Mr. Daya Ram Maharjan, founder of Disabled Service Association; he started his teaching career in AdarshaShaulaYubak Higher Secondary School. When a blind student enrolled in the school 24 years ago, Mr. Maharjan knew it would be difficult for the boy to get a proper education because the school did not have teachers trained to teach blind children.So he picked up Braille and painstakingly translated textbooks so visually impaired students could study alongside their peers. This blind student, Jeevan Dangol is presently a teacher and music instructor enrolled in the school. When deaf children later joined the school, Mr. Maharjan started learning sign language and started to teach them too.

But in a country where many believe that physical disability is a curse, and some disabled children have nowhere to call home because their own families abandon them. Mr. Maharjan felt he could do more and provide better service so he set up the Disabled Service Association (DSA), in Bungamati village in 1996, which now houses more than 53 children. DSA provides not only a service of ca

re and support but is an example of successful school integration and what can be achieved to enhance opportunities for children with disabilities. DSA at its core believes that even children with disabilities are an integral part of our society and it is their inherent right to lead and live a meaningful life at par and equal to that of a person without disability.

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