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MISHUS is known for its attention to detail and used Cashmere clothing Nepal to the collection into a complete expression of modern dressing. MISHUS has created a true simple luxury. Our garments are all finished by hand to ensure flawless quality, offering the incredible softness and versatility cashmere is famous for. Perfect for layering in the colder months or summer evenings, cashmere is one thing that never goes out of style.women have always seemed to be passionate about their Cashmere clothing, Mishus is a  Pure cashmere knitting & weaving industry in Nepal manufacturing high end cashmere products.


Mishus is passionate about designing clothing for women using fabric especially luxury cashmere. We've been designing women's cashmere clothing in Nepal that reflects our love for fashion and we design it in our own unique way.Rare and precious cashmere is a cherished asset and only the high quality cashmere fiber are used in designing our clothing for women. Mishus have been designing, weaving, dyeing and tailoring cashmere through machine and by hands locally here in Nepal since its debut collection in the year 2012.What really sets us apart is our skill of gently handling cashmere and our way of morphing it into something that you'd love to wear upon. Though most of the raw materials are brought from outside of our country Nepal, we ensures that every item is designed and made to the highest possible standard and we're particularly proud of our work. This way of working is integral to what we do and embodies our unrivaled commitment to our profession. Ask anyone who knows about us and they will say that quality is what we're known for. We are passionate about maintaining the values that the business was founded upon and we are proud today supporting women's fashion in Nepal committing to the quality.

“MISHUS” debut collection was launched on 22nd November 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The launch of the collection showcased creative, refreshing, and ready to wear clothing line made exclusively of wide range of fabrics like cashmere, wool, georgette, linen , leather and raw, crepe, & satin silk.

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