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Defining Fashion and It's Importance

3 years ago Post By : Mishu Shrestha
Defining Fashion and It's Importance


Not everyone is really interested in the topic of fashion in Nepal. Majority of our Nepalese people especially the adults wear the traditional dress like traditional dhaka topi and daura suruwal and female like gunyo cholo. Others simply wear what is available in abundance in the market. But that doesn’t literally mean that there is no fashion sense in Nepalese. There are people especially the youths who are more interested in fashion in Nepal.


If I have to define what fashion is then I would simply call it as an supreme form of art in which a particular person present themselves putting altogether all the trending clothing materials plus accessories to make themselves fanciful in the crowd. In more simpler terms, it is not limited to the clothing and accessories, it is simply a behaviour plus tiki-taka that is done to grab the attention of others.


There may be people who may say things like they don’t care about Fashion and blah blah blah. But I’m sure that the very person will be the one who will puzzle for a moment while choosing for clothes to wear every morning. The very feeling, that very desire that the particular person feels is fashion. Fashion is something that we deal with everyday and nobody can get away from it. Admit it I’ve scored some points here, don’t I.


There is a saying that first impression is the last impression. Somewhat it is true. Most of us judge a unfamiliar person by his looks, clothes he wear and there comes behaviour. Knowingly or unknowingly we will be noting all aspects of this particular person X. If this particular person X has appeared in front of us in well groomed and good outfit we judge him as a person from a good background. If not then you know what you’ll think.


So, without being aware we are using fashion as an excuse to judge this person X. Don’t we? Point to be noted my lord!!! This proves how we are dealing with fashion everyday. Don’t limit fashion to glamour only. It is something that we can take pride in because it defines us and it defines our very existence.



Sudip Rai is a Kathmandu-based blogger who has been writing for nearly 10 years. When he’s not running up against a deadline, he can be found jamming up with his friends near his home.

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