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Benefits of Wearing Cashmere

2 years ago Post By : Mishu Shrestha
Benefits of Wearing Cashmere


Cashmere is simply regarded as the king of fiber and throughout the history of mankind this fiber is worn by the nobles and royals. That was the case in the past but up untill now the value that people give to this high quality fiber is the same. To this day the clothes that are made from pure cashere is regarded as one of the highest quality and of the highest standard and value.


But do you know that despite being regarded as one of the highest value fiber in the world cashmere has something more to offer. Cashmere is a versatile material which guarantees value for money, durability and enhancing luxurious look. No matter what maybe your sense of fashion and style, cashmere can add value to that.


So without further ado here in this article I'll be putting some light on the benefits of the cashmere and why you should really include it onto your wardrobe. So here it goes:

Gain warmth and look stylish both in winter

Cold weather is the main obstacle for the fashionistas since it is extremely difficult to look stylish. But cashmere products can aid in this situation since it is a versatile fabric which can give warmth without compromising with your appearance. 


Soft and Fluffy

Cashmere can recover more than 90% of original layer after press. And one of the notable feature of it is that it has 40% of the natural elastic. This is the reason why cashmere is soft and fluffy. Like other fabrics cashmere doesn't get hard even after long period of time.


Safe and Reliable, Fire Resistant

Cashmere products are hard to burn since it does not catch fire easily. Even when it is burned it doen't melt or produce open light and heat. Cashmere products are quite resistant to drastic burn so, cashmere is more safe and reliable than any other types of fabrics.


Sound Sleep and Health Benefits

Researched that was carried on the University of California on 2011 showed that wearing cashmere products can increase the chances of sound sleep by 25%. Not only that it was discovered that the people who was wearing cashmere products for a longer period of time had slow and steady heart rate which is quite good for health.


Weather resistant: Warm in winter and cool in summer, moisture resistant

Cashmere can absorp 35% of water vapor without giving the feeling of moisture on it since it can special hollow molecular structure. Not only that it can provide warmth in winter and is quite cool in summer days as well.


Durable and suitable for all ages

It's durablity against dust and electricity as well as anti-bacteria resistant feature and mite suppression feature is above par than any other fabrics in the world. Cashmere products are quite mite suppressant, dust ressistant and doesn't leave cleave easily so they are quite suitable for people with rheumatism and asthma, infants and the older people.



Cashmere may considered to be an expensive luxury but the benefits that it provides are of highest quality. This value for money fabric is worth every dime and every penny that you'll spend from your pocket. In-fact a lot more.



Sudip Rai is a Nepalese web content writer who has been writing for nearly 10 years. When he’s not running up against a deadline, he can be found jamming up with his friends near his home at Kaushaltar.

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